My name is Diane and I am the creator of this website. Once upon a time I never knew anything about “SEO”. However, as an amateur webmaster I was playing around with a site of my own, not even live, and eventually started helping my music teacher with an abandoned website he had in exchange for music lessons.  He had an old, old schedule of where he would be playing, etc. and I helped him update everything. It was my first, real life experience with a website. I had no concerns, or knowledge, about ranking, traffic, free traffic, visibility, etc.

As time went on, I started observing a lot of “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimization” articles throughout my usual searches for help with being a webmaster in a quest to do more on the music website.  Being curious about this mysterious thing called “SEO”, I took the time one day to start reading some of those articles and my life has not been the same since.  I clearly saw the sense it made and was more impressed by the fact that part of the whole point of applying SEO tactics to my website, besides visibility for my website, was the fact that you were helping Google serve up to its customers the best of the websites for whatever particular search was given.  So, running a music website, by applying SEO I am basically saying, hey, I want to be among the best of the websites chosen by Google to be at the top of the search engine for a search in music websites.

As time went on, and friends and acquaintances would ask me about my work on websites and seek help from me, and as I would tell them a little about search engine optimization, they inevitably wanted to know more about it themselves and would ask many questions. Having eventually taken a course on SEO and then applying it to sites I already had, and after seeing definite results, I felt very comfortable about offering information, tips and direction for those wanting to learn how to do this. It is because of all the inquiries that I decided to put up a site where I can direct people to get a start on learning about search engine optimization.

It is my hope to put the best of information concerning SEO on this website, references to other very helpful websites, as well as offer personal consultation,  if desired.

Wishing you the best in your website endeavors.

Diane Branovacki